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How Interior Designers Add Value

During the initial design consultation, clients sometimes ask, is an interior designer needed to manage construction? Although there are special circumstances where the client only needs our design services, we recommend hiring interior designers throughout the construction management phase.

Contractor Vs Interior Designer's Responsibility

While the general contractor is responsible for overseeing their sub contractors, overall construction schedule, and timelines, interior designers solve design issues that are unforeseeable and only arise during construction. Often, we discover a structural element that prohibits a wall from being moved, or hidden gem inside the ceiling that changes the original lighting plan. Or tiles that ship with high variation in color and texture that need to be sorted out onsite to ensure they are laid out properly.

We Do Our Own Hiring

California law prohibits interior designers from hiring the general contractor in any construction project. However, hiring sub contractors such as wallpaper installers, window treatment installers, and custom furniture fabricators is not prohibited. At Collected Studio, we hire our own vendors, and we are onsite with them during our trade day and throughout the installation process to ensure quality control. If a client chooses not to hire us during the construction management phase, they must select and hire their own sub contractors and assume liability. Finding high quality vendors and managing the process is time consuming, tedious, and not recommended.

Bottom line: Construction is a big deal. Clients invest a great deal of time and money into a remodel. All of these issues need a great deal of care and consideration, which is where Collected Studio shines.

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