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Unveil the essence of rustic charm with our Pastoral Candle - a fragrant tribute to the quaint allure of rustic home living. This aromatic beacon is designed to resonate with the homely and raw textures that epitomize the rustic style, bringing the serenity of countryside life into your personal sanctuary.


The top note, Tabacco, embodies deep and earthy aromas. Like the weathered wood of a barn or the soft crackle of a stone fireplace, this robust top note grounds the fragrance in the great outdoors, reminiscent of the rolling fields and antiquated farmsteads that charm the rural landscape.


The mid note, Honey, flows through the candle's core, offering a comforting and sweet respite that evokes memories of homemade preserves and the gentle buzz of bees around wildflowers. Honey's natural sweetness brings a cozy warmth to the fragrance profile that is both welcoming and enveloping.


The base note, Gardenia, is an elegant floral note graces the robust base with a soft, romantic flair, akin to the white, blooming petals that may adorn a rustic garden or windowsill. The gardenia provides a soft cloak of freshness, imbuing the rustic air with a hint of sophistication and natural beauty.


SKU: 364215376135193
Excluding Sales Tax
Color: Amber
    • Hand-poured 
    • Includes lid + gift box 
    • Up to 56-72 hours of burn time
    • 100% coconut soy wax
    • 100% cotton wick
    • All candles made in the USA
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