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Step into the bold and polished world of modern luxury with our Moderno Candle, a fragrance masterpiece crafted for the sleek and minimalist environments of the modern home. This aromatic creation is an homage to the clean lines, expansive spaces, and innovative materials that define contemporary design.


The top note, Juniper, ignites with a crisp, invigorating scent. This botanical whisper is as clear and sharp as the glass facades that encase structural marvels, setting a vibrant and refreshing stage for the senses.


The mid note, Smoked Bark, offers a complex and enigmatic aroma. The smoked bark evokes the innovative use of organic elements in modern architecture, bringing an edgy yet comforting warmth to the fragrance that mirrors the juxtaposition of traditional and industrial themes found in cutting-edge home designs.


The base note, Leather, embodies the luxury and high-end finishes often seen in modern interiors, providing a sophisticated and mature undertone that rounds out the scent in a manner that is both grounding and transformative.


SKU: 364215376135192
Excluding Sales Tax
Color: Black
    • Hand-poured 
    • Includes lid + gift box 
    • Up to 56-72 hours of burn time
    • 100% coconut soy wax
    • 100% cotton wick
    • All candles made in the USA
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