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Introducing our Chinoiserie Candle, an enchanting scent meticulously crafted to capture the essence of a classic, feminine space adorned with the ornate elegance of traditional decor. This luxurious candle brings forth an aroma that is at once delicate and exquisitely refined, designed for those who revel in the beauty of intricate patterns and soft palettes found in timeless interior styles.


The top note, Jasmine, is a nod to the opulent yet understated gardens that often grace classical homes. Jasmine's intoxicating floral notes provide an inviting and rich olfactory welcome, setting a tone of pure sophistication.


The mid note, Saffron, is a luxurious spice that infuses the candle with a golden thread of fragrance, reminiscent of the rare and precious elements often found in the heritage homes it pays homage to.


The base note, Cedar, has a woody, resinous character that lays a foundation reminiscent of the polished floors and carved balustrades central to classical architecture. Cedar offers a robust yet comforting base to the candle's aroma profile, ensuring a balanced and harmonious atmosphere.


SKU: 364215376135191
Excluding Sales Tax
Color: White
    • Hand-poured 
    • Lid + gift box included 
    • Up to 56-72 hours of burn time
    • 100% coconut soy wax
    • 100% cotton wick
    • All candles made in the USA
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